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Board Chairs Need to Prepare

In a recent survey* of 645 Board chairs of nonprofit organizations, 51% said they had NO training for their leadership role. 51% As the top volunteer at a nonprofit, the chair must be ready to lead in a variety of … Continue reading

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8 Questions to Ask Potential Board Members

Ask the Governance Guru Part 2 in a series of governance posts We’ve all heard stories of board recruitment gone wrong… The person who was asked to join by his golf buddy because they have fun golfing…the resume-builder who is a name … Continue reading

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Recruit the Board You Need

Debbie Mathews Finch and I recently did a session for our local United Way agencies about Best Practices in Board Recruitment. In case you missed it, here are some highlights. Contact us if you would like us to come talk to your … Continue reading

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Take time to plan

I recently broke a bone in my foot. No, this is not a plea for sympathy. I was forced to slow down and this frustrated me to the max. But as days turned into weeks, I came to appreciate the … Continue reading

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Yes, you too can have a planned giving program

Are you wondering how to start a planned giving program? Are you concerned about having the time to manage another fundraising program? Here are some tips to get started in a simple, easy way.  Bequests and other planned gifts are … Continue reading

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The real pot of gold: relationships!

Relationships. Donor-Centric. A Culture of Philanthropy. As people involved in philanthropy and fundraising, we use and hear these words all the time. But what do they really mean in terms of actions? Your nonprofit needs relationships with donors, board members, … Continue reading

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Your board retreat is over — now what?

Your Board Retreat is Over. Now What? You and your board are energized! What a wonderful retreat! You tackled important issues and made some key decisions. Now everyone is heading to their cars, and you wonder, what comes next? How … Continue reading

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